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     Higher Ground

One is a pilot. The other a killer. And they're both enemies. This is the origin story to how Tawny and Ben meet.

         Bad Bargain

When Ben is captured by scurrilous forces, it's up to Tawny to strike a Bad Bargain to get him back.

     Doomed Cargo

After discovering their cargo is a targeted orphan, Tawny and Ben must face their greatest foe.

     Bounty Hunted

Tawny and Ben must square off with the Solar Twin System's newest enemy who has them in its sites.


Ian Cannon might normally tell people he's a native Texan, hails from the DFW area and studied film at UNT. But you're not normal people, are you. So, the truth? Ian Cannon is actually from the furthest star among the Sigma Nu formation, joined the Interstellar Expeditionary League, and traveled amongst the Centauri quadrant before making the Earth his home. Intrigued by you humans' love of story telling, he's decided to write about far away people and faraway places. But he's noticed something about humanity that astounds him. It runs universally throughout all the stars he's ever visited.  As such, he tries to make his stories ... human. Inspired by the people he's met, like Han, Mal and James T., he hopes you enjoy what he has to say, but never fear. He's a fairly benevolent alien and presents no threat whatsoever to the blue planet. So, curl up with one of his stories and engage! (They actually do say that.)

Enjoy the image below of Ian's home planet of Trixulon. It's very similar to yours.